Shaku maru

Size | Height: 29.5cm, Diameter: 30cm
* Size of each piece vary slightly, since the product is all hand-made.
Material | Stainless Steel, bamboo, washi (Japanese paper made in Tosa area)
248.0 USD
Shipping Cost for this product is 6,000 - 15,000 JPY.

Round-shape Chochin, made with wooden mold handed down from 8th generation Toyokazu.

The chochin has a little bit modified round shape. With its top side bigger and its bottom side smaller, the chochin looks completely spherical when seen from its bottom.

All processes, from splitting bamboo to pasting washi, are done with hands of professionals.

This product does NOT include cables and a light.
This product will be shipped in about 2 weeks.