Chochin made by a mold, created in Meiji Era (1868-1912) and having been used for over 110 years.  In Japan, people believe their ancestors come back to meet them during Obon season (mid-summer).  This chochin had originally been used as a lantern to light their way back.  All processes, from splitting bamboo to pasting washi, are done with hands of professionals.

This product does NOT include cables and a light.

This product will be shipped in about 2 weeks.

This product can only be shipped to the United States.

Stainless Steel, bamboo, washi (Japanese paper made in Tosa area)

Diameter: 23cm, Height: 32cm
* Size of each piece vary slightly, since the product is all hand-made.

Shipping Cost for this product is 15,000JPY.


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