Pursue Possibility

Tradition adapted to time

Kojima Shoten started its operation in the period of 1789-1801 (Edo era.) It has been specializing in Kyo-Jibari style chochin making. Its all process finished by hands of craftspeople - from splitting bamboo to painting on chochins -, Kojima Shoten has manufactured beautiful, strong and innovative chochins.

As well as keeping producing magnificent chochins for most iconic landmarks in Kyoto, Kojima Shoten, consisted of its young craftspeople - sons taught from their father and their friends -, has broadend the landscape of Chochin itself, collaborating with globally-notified brands and making brand-new chochins, suitable to modern lifestyle and made of more sustainble materials.


Production Process

Chochins of Kojima Shoten are made through a lot of hand-made processes.